Interactive Procedures guide

Do you need help following the procedures necessary for a specific flow?

Answer the questions below on the specific origin, destination, and category of goods that you wish to import to Luxembourg, export outside of Luxembourg or deliver elsewhere in the European Union passing through Luxembourg.

At the end of the questionnaire you will see a list of the documents you need to obtain in the country of origin, the procedures that you must follow, the government agencies that you can contact and the controls to which your goods will be subject.

You can also download a document summarizing the choices that you indicated and the results displayed on screen.



- the instructions you will receive are valid only if the country of entry, destination or transit is Luxembourg. They are valid without prejudice to the procedures you must complete in the other countries through which your goods will be transported. Please make sure to verify the procedures applicable in those countries with the appropriate authorities;

- depending on the request, it can take some time to answer all questions. Please be aware.


Scope of this guide

If the goods you are interesting in are not listed among the available choices, you may choose "all other goods". The guide will then only provide generic information applicable to all types of goods. This does not necessarily mean that other constraints are not applicable.

If you do not find the answer to your question by using this questionnaire, you may contact the helpdesk.


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