Port of Antwerp: Certified Pickup, the new digital process for the release of containers

The new digital process for the release of containers being unloaded from a seagoing vessel, called Certified Pick up (CPu), has been launched since the beginning of January 2021. The new process will be rolled out in phases to afford all chain partners the opportunity to adjust to the new way of working. In the first phase, CPu will provide transparency about the status of your incoming container. In the next phase, the PIN code system will be replaced by a digital process for container release via the CPu platform.

Safer, more transparent and more efficient

Currently, you need a unique PIN code to collect a container from one of the port terminals. The PIN code is passed between various parties, from the shipping company to the truck driver, which is time-consuming and increases the risk of misuse. Certified Pick up makes the import process more secure, transparent and efficient.

Timing en rollout of CPu

The first phase of CPu started on 4 January 2021. In this initial phase, all the data from the shipping agent, the terminal and Customs will be displayed together on CPu. By connecting to the CPu platform, all parties in the import chain will be able to view the various container statuses, based on the container number and B/L number, and they will always know a container's status.

These statuses can be viewed in the form of a series of “green lights”. When all the lights are on green, the user will be able to see at a glance whether their container is ready to be picked up. This transparency will enable the various players in the chain to carry out their work more efficiently. In this phase, the current process with PIN codes will still be in force.

Visit https://www.nxtport.com/cpu today to see how you can register.

In the next phase (Spring 2021), the various chain partners will switch to a new processing method. The existing process with PIN codes will be replaced with a digital process, which only allows a container to be collected on the basis of a digital pick-up right and an identity verification of the operator coming to pick up the container.

In order to improve safety at our port, this new way of working is contained in the Port Police Regulation, which enters into force on 1 January 2021 and introduces an obligation. It will therefore no longer be possible to pick up a container with a PIN code once this phase begins. There are 2 ways of connecting to CPu: either through a system link between CPu and the company's own software, or by using a web application. The cost price for using CPu will depend on the way in which you want to connect and/or the role you have in the import process. The prices for the various options are shown below.

More information can be found on the website https://www.portofantwerp.com/en/certified-pick

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