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Key players

The major key players in the logistics industry are active in Luxembourg. They are qualified and are compliant with the major certifications in the sector. (List in alphabetical order)

This is a non exhaustive list.

Find a partner

Are you looking for a partner in the logistics industry? You are looking for a warehouse, a customs representative or a carrier, and you wish to make contact with an import-export company? You can find a logistics partner in Luxembourg in the business directory.

You can consult the list of tax representatives for VAT in Luxembourg here.

You can find a partner amongst:

By the way, you can check out how to expand your network using the clusters.

Roles in the logistics chain

You can have a look at the definition of each role and at the diagrams presenting each flow (import, export, intra-Community...) to understand the role of each actor in the logistics chain.

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