Inland Navigation Portal EuRIS is live

For boat operators and their partners on shore, real-time data is essential for reliable planning of routes and their voyages. Access to static and dynamic information that provides accurate 24/7 insight into the waterway situation is of the utmost importance. In recent years, a partnership of 13 European countries has set up a completely new online environment to ensure this: the EuRIS platform – European River Information Services.

From 29 September 2022, the new online platform makes a major contribution to the planning of river voyages on the entire network of interconnected waterways in Europe and offers a wealth of other relevant information on the European river network.

Previously, boat operators had to consult numerous websites and information sources to retrieve all relevant information, especially when traveling across borders. EuRIS provides a one-stop-shop for all relevant waterway and traffic information by combining data from 13 countries on a single platform.

The current partnership includes the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.

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