Luxair exceeds one million tonnes of airfreight tonnage in 2021

2021 proved to be yet another turbulent year for the airline, but this did not prevent Luxair from continuing to move forward and fly even more and to new destinations.

Luxair S.A. closed 2021 with an operating result of -€33.7 million and a net result of -€2.3 million, compared to an operating result of -€159.8 million and a net income of -€154.9 million in 2020. At the consolidated level, the break-even point was reached and the net result was 0 euros.

Air cargo had a memorable year in 2021, when a record tonnage was reached, which has never been recorded in the Cargocenter's history. This milestone of one million tonnes of cargo handled is the result of the hard work and perseverance of Luxair's teams.

After a year 2020 marked by growth, but also by additional costs related to the first wave of Covid-19, LuxairCARGO experienced a year 2021 characterized by the highest tonnage in its history. Indeed, the volume of cargo has accelerated its increase from +6% in 2020 to +19% in 2021, allowing the company to exceed for the first time the one million tonnes mark and to reach an absolute record of 1,125,000 tonnes in November. Thus, and despite the unfavourable context due to the Covid-19 situation, LuxairCARGO has demonstrated its capacity to be the main player in all forms of air transport exchange, by ensuring connectivity between Luxembourg, Europe and the world.

  2021 2020 2019
Change in tonnage handled +19% +6% -7%

Adapted from the Luxair Press release  13th May 2021 

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