Business friendly

Far-sighted and pro-business policies have enabled Luxembourg to meet the challenges of economic change over the past decades. For more than two decades, the Luxembourg economy has performed at the highest levels, with strong economic growth, high trade surplus, low unemployment and low inflation in a stable, innovative environment for business and consumers alike.

Luxembourg’s relative outperformance, even during economic downturns, derives from several factors and policies:

  • Luxembourg's economic policies value the strength of private initiative and innovative spirit
  • a free market approach gives business broad freedom of action
  • it is a small country where business can develop easily and directly.

At a glance

  • sound macroeconomic fundamentals
  • low unemployment and public debt
  • one of the remaining AAA countries
  • a free market approach
  • accessible and business-minded Government and administrations
  • high responsiveness to relevant EU legislation
  • rigid bureaucracy and cumbersome red-tape are unknown
  • towards a paperless environment (e-Government)
  • strong national cohesion.

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