Goals & benefits

The main goal of the Single Window for Logistics is to guarantee the fast clearance of goods through Luxembourg.  It boosts the attractiveness of the logistics sector and promotes Luxembourg as a multimodal platform of choice for economic operators wishing to serve the European market. More generally, goals are the following:

Enhance operational efficiency of the global supply chain

  • single entry point to governmental agencies
  • increased transparency and traceability of goods
  • streamlined processes, optimized data exchange
  • significant productivity and competitiveness gains for economic operators.


Provide added-value services to logistics operators

  • information portal to explain the administrative procedures with governmental agencies
  • helpdesk function to provide further guidance on specific processes
  • comprehensive and easy to understand instructions
  • simplified and accelerated administrative procedures.


Enhance efficiency of the government agencies

  • simplified, harmonized and optimized administrative procedures
  • paperless processes, unique data entry and consequent reuse of existing data
  • improved coordination between government agencies with optimized planning of controls
  • accelerated clearance of goods.


Promote the logistics sector

  • strengthened Luxembourg position as a preferred trade gateway to the European Union
  • increased number of companies, offerings, turnover and jobs in the logistics industry
  • facilitated new business opportunities,
  • improved Luxembourg’s competitive advantages in the logistics sector.


Develop niche opportunities

  • integrated platform with easy, secure and fast access to public administrations
  • flexible structure easily adaptable for future needs
  • strengthened capabilities in promoting and developing niche opportunities
  • diversification of Luxembourg economy.


Increase national security

  • better sharing of information between government agencies
  • modern risk management tools



The following diagram illustrates the benefits for both government agencies and economic operators:

This picture illustrates the benefits brought by a Single Window to both government agencies and economic operators

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