The Single Window for Logistics programme (SWL) has been launched in 2014. Since then the following steps have been carried out:

  • 2014-2015
    • start of the Single Window for Logistics programme by decision of the Luxembourg government in April 2014
    • feasibility study including scenario building and impact evaluation
    • identification of relevant government agencies
    • analysis of the key processes to be included in SWL
  • 2016-2017
    • implementation of several projects to implement organizational improvement measures and online permit requests: phytosanitary certificates, health certificates for food, free sale certificates for food, authorization to transit radioactive materials, CITES permit for protected species
    • implementation of the logistics information portal
    • decision to implement the single entry to the state as part of the new Customs IT platform LUCCS
    • principle decision to implement a Cargo Community Platform.

The main next steps will be:

  • building of a single entry to the state as integral part of the new customs IT system LUCCS in compliance with the new Union Customs Code and the European Customs MASP programme.
  • establishing a multimodal Cargo Community Platform starting with a proof-of-concept with perishable products and subsequent rollout to all types of products
  • integration of both systems.

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