ASTA: Notification of import of plants and plant products in the TRACES NT system

As of 14 December 2019 the new European legislation on protective measures against organisms harmful to plants (2016/2031/EU)[1] and the legislation on official controls to perform on the introduction of plants into the European Union  (2017/625/EU)[2] will apply.

Prior to the import of plants and plant products, that require a phytosanitary certificate from the third country of export, the operator responsible for the consignment or the importer must notify the Border Control Post (BCP) of first arrival in the European Union of the arrival of the goods using the TRACES NT system.  This notification is called the “Common Health Entry Document for Plants, Plant Products and Plant propagating material (CHED-PP)” or “Document sanitaire commun d’entrée pour les végétaux, les produits végétaux et le matériel de propagation végétale (DSCE-PV)” that MUST be completed on-line 24 hours prior to the arrival of the goods at the site

The operator must register by creating an EU-Login and identify itself as “operator”. In the case of any problem or questions, please consult the documentation at the following link:

If there is any uncertainty concerning the import of plants and plant products into Luxembourg, please consult the Single Windows for Logistics (SWL) website for explanations of the definitions of the products concerned, the mandatory controls and the procedures to follow:

For any questions concerning the creation of a CHED-PP (DSCE_PV) or the activation of a “user” and an “operator” in the TRACES NT system, please contact the following department: or by telephone: (45) 71 72 -330 -224 -205

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