Post-Brexit: procedures, controls in Belgian seaports and traffic flows in Belgium

The United Kingdom must exit the transition period on 1 January 2021, with or without an agreement. 

The controls and procedures that are applied at the external border of the EU will then also be applied to freight from and to the United Kingdom. 

In Belgium, regarded as an important logistic hub in Europe providing freight handling and shipping services for businesses in various European countries, authorities and ports are well accustomed to handling requirements and procedures for freight to and from countries outside of the EU. 

New procedures, controls, and traffic flows have been defined for companies exporting, importing and transporting freight to and from the UK; thus, a smooth flow of goods to and from the UK via Belgian ports can be ensured.

Information are available:

1. New procedures and controls for transport from and to the UK

2. Handling sequence of traffic flows undergoing the procedures at the Belgian seaports and the use of port community ICT-systems in this context

3. Real Time traffic information


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