Minister Fayot visits the port of Antwerp and a Jan De Nul Group ship

The family company Jan De Nul Group provides services related to the construction and maintenance of maritime infrastructures. Its specialty is dredging and other forms of marine engineering, but the company also works, for example, in civil engineering and environmental technology. For many years, Jan De Nul Group has been a pillar in the Luxembourg maritime sector. The group owns 82 ships, 63 of which are under the Luxembourg maritime flag.

Last August, the group decided to sell the jack-up installation vessel Taillevent in favor of new high-tech vessels currently under construction, which will expand the fleet to be even more competitive. The group's vision is focused on the future, particularly on the next generation of offshore wind farms. This sale included only the vessel, the crew being deployed on other ships of the group.

At the end of September, the Minister of Economy, Mr. Franz Fayot, visited Antwerp with the Commissioner for Maritime Affairs, Mr. Robert Biwer. Together they visited the Port of Antwerp and the Jan De Nul Group ship Sanderus. The Sanderus is one of the latest generations of ships. It is 111 meters long and is used to excavate the Scheldt estuary. The newest generation of ships allows a reduction of emissions by 60%, to contribute even more to green shipping.

An example related to green shipping: Jan De Nul Group uses only second-generation biofuel for maintenance dredging in the Port of Hamburg. This fuel contains no petroleum but uses vegetable oil as raw material, in full compliance with the principles of the sustainable circular economy.

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