Arthur Welter Logistics diversifies its activities

Resolutely determined to continue moving towards the future, on June 17, 2022 Arthur Welter inaugurated its new Arthur Welter Logistics warehouse, in the presence of His Royal Highness the Grand Duke. The 25,000m2 logistics platform is ideally located at Parc Logistique Eurohub Sud in Dudelange. This event was also an opportunity to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Arthur Welter Transports.

With this new warehouse, Arthur Welter has taken a strategic turn and has voluntarily diversified its activity by following the government's strategy. It has tripled the company's storage capacity and brings together three distinct activities, employing around a hundred employees:

5000m2 are rented to a major actor in the automotive industry in Luxembourg, to manage spare parts for its dealerships and for which Arthur Welter carries out national distribution.

Logispneu occupies 8,000m2 of the warehouse. This is an activity developed for nearly 10 years by Arthur Welter and which consists of the logistics management of summer and winter wheel kits for garages. The wheels of 21,500 vehicles are stored there every season.

- The last section of 12,000m2 is dedicated to the storage of goods and the preparation of orders for a large Luxembourg supermarket chain. Nearly 550,000 parcels are prepared monthly to supply 26 stores. This last activity was the biggest challenge for Arthur Welter Logistics, which took over an activity that the client had managed itself until then. It was also a pilot project, which this client intends to transpose to other countries. The storage of food under controlled temperature was also a new challenge, linked to this activity, which Arthur Welter was able to meet. In particular, the site has obtained ISO 22000 certification guaranteeing the safety of stored food.

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