Exceptional transports prohibited on the Mosel bridge Ehrang

From mid-September 2022, only trucks with a maximum weight of 44 tons will be able to drive on the Bridge “Moselbrücke Ehrang (A 64a)” in both directions. Appropriate signage should be implemented in good time. Large-capacity and heavy-duty transports that exceed the permissible values ​​of the Road Traffic Licensing Ordinance (cf. § 34 StVZO) either because of their axle load combinations or the total weight, must from now on undergo a static calculation and test according to the “Regulations and guidelines for the calculation and dimensioning of civil engineering structures” (BEM -ING part 3) in individual cases. In order to minimize the resulting expenses, it is possible in the case of fixed vehicle and load configurations that the Autobahn GmbH of the Bund permits a certain number of crossings for a fixed period of maximum 12 months with a one-off static proof as part of the approval process.

A working scaffold is expected to be erected on the bottom view of the Ehrang bridge over the Moselle in 2023 for the general assessment of damage to the bridge superstructure and for the subsequent execution of the subsequent renovation of the structure. This is done without disrupting traffic. According to Autobahn GmbH, the actual multi-year building repairs, which are expected to be carried out in 2024 in five construction phases, each during the warm season (spring/summer), are still being planned. The measure is to take place while maintaining traffic, with road users having one lane in each direction of travel.

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