Environment Agency

The mission of the Environment Agency is to ensure a high level of environmental protection and quality of life of humans in their environment.

It oversees human activities that have an impact on the environment, monitors and evaluates the condition of the environment.

It provides for the monitoring and control of the application of legal regulatory and administrative prescriptions, and the exercise of environmental police measures.

It provides assistance in policy decision-making, ensures the promotion of eco-friendly practices and promotes innovation in environmental matters.

The Environment Agency is a public administration attached to the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development. Together with the Nature Conservation Agency and the Water Management Authority, it is in charge of the implementation of the environmental policy of the Luxembourg Government.


In the context of international trade, the Environment Agency, through the service Permits and Subsidies Office, Transport and trade of waste, is responsible for the procedures for authorization, notification, accreditation, registration and control related to waste and in particular waste from electrical and electronic equipment.


The Environment Agency, and more particularly its Transport and trade of waste service, is responsible for issuing the following documents, which procedures are described on the Guichet.lu website:


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