ITM Inspectorate of Labor and Mines

The mission of the Luxembourg Inspectorate of Labor and Mines (ITM) is to monitor working cooperation and labor conditions as well as safety and health at work. It operates under the authority of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and the Social and Solidarity Economy.

The Inspectorate of Labor and Mines is in charge of the following:

  • overseeing and ensuring the application of law including the labor conditions and the protection of employees
  • advising and assisting employers and employees and providing practical legal and technical information in the implementation of the provisions governing matters of labor and safety and health in the workplace
  • putting an end to situations that are inconsistent with the legal, regulatory, administrative and contractual provisions governing labor and safety and health in the workplace
  • reporting any infractions in the areas under its authority and notifying the public prosecutor thereof, bringing all deficiencies or abuses of law observed in practice to the attention of the minister
  • performing inspections in order to control the employment of third country nationals in irregular situations.


In the context of international trade and as part of the law governing the marketing and control of explosives for civil uses, the Inspectorate of Labor and Mines delivers authorizations for the transfer of explosives and is authorized to perform the related controls.


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