Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice has several functions: the preparation of legal texts in the form of draft laws, the administration of justice and the management of districts and justice departments.

For that, the Ministry includes the following specialized departments:

  • the General Secretariat is responsible for the general coordination of the Ministry, general affairs, personnel and budget, and also for legal assistance
  • the Directorate of Civil Affairs is involved in developing civil legislation, civil procedures and judicial organization
  • the Directorate of Penal Affairs is involved in developing criminal legislation and criminal procedure. It examines the requests for authorization for gambling, arms, security and explosives
  • the Directorate of Commercial Affairs and Applied Technologies in the Area of Justice is involved in developing commercial, corporate, accounting and bankruptcy laws.


In the context of international trade, the Arms Service of the Directorate of Penal Affairs of the Ministry of Justice is exclusively in charge of authorization procedures concerning the circulation of civil firearms.


The Arms Service has authority over the granting of the following documents and permits:


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