STATEC Statistical institute

The STATEC is the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Luxembourg, an administration under the authority of the Minister of the Economy with its own scientific and professional independence. It produces and publishes its data in full neutrality.

Its missions consist in providing public and private decision-makers and citizens with a public statistical information service, in particular, on the structure and the activities of the country. For that it conducts surveys or works on administrative cases and collects general documentation concerning the statistics, as well as demographic, economic and social theories and facts.

The STATEC represents Luxembourg as a national statistics authority when dealing with foreign, EU and international statistical authorities.


In the context of international trade, the STATEC is responsible for collecting monthly data declared by companies concerning their intra-Community exchanges of goods (Intrastat).


The STATEC is the institute to which one must file the following declaration, described on the website:

On-line services

Intrastat declarations are established using the IDEP.WEB online service.

The use of the electronic form is required for companies that file detailed or extended detailed Intrastat declarations.


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