Taxes & fees at Luxembourg airport

Aircrafts taking off at Luxembourg airport are subject to Terminal Navigation Charges (TNC). These fees are calculated using a formula that takes into consideration an environmental factor (the noise level), a daytime factor (the take-off time) and the maximum weight of the airplane at takeoff (Maximum Take-Off Weight MTOW). It is calculated in a manner that encourages the use of low-noise aircrafts, as well as taking-off during daytime.

Concerning the noise level, airline companies have to provide a noise level certificate to the Air Navigation Administration (ANA) in order to allow ANA to calculate the TNC charge.

Some flights are exempted from TNC charges:

  • aircrafts below or equal to 2 tons MTOW that are owned/operated by an approved flying school (only if approved by ANA)
  • military aircrafts
  • flights operated for government needs
  • flights carrying heads of states
  • humanitarian flights
  • search and rescue flights
  • flights in distress
  • flights operating in the interest of the Luxembourg State (e.g. ILS calibration flights).

Medical flights are not exempted from TNC charges.

If the TNC charges are not paid within 30 days from the date of invoice, ANA reserves the right to charge default interests. After 60 days of payment delay, ANA will automatically send a notice to the debtor and will charge default interests in accordance with the national regulation.

Parking fees may be applicable.

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