Animal products


Animal products are all products that come from the body of an animal. They are also called products of animal origin.

They may be processed into foodstuffs or into animal feed.
For example: milk, eggs, honey, food prepared from meat or fish.

Some animal products are not intended for human consumption.

These may be used, either unprocessed or semi-processed, in the composition of:

  • drugs or pharmaceutical products
    For example: animal insulin, blood products, etc.
  • industrial products
    For example: cosmetics, paint, cleaning products, varnish, glues, soap, inks, etc.
  • other products.
    For example: raw skins, hunting trophies, etc.  

Obligations and controls

Whether importing to or exporting from the European Union, the movement of animal products is governed by laws in order to ensure consumer safety and animal health of European livestock.

A third country must implement an animal product control plan in order to adhere to applicable European laws. In addition, for most products, companies must be certified.

On importation, animal products are subject to a health control to ensure that the product is healthy and not hazardous for human and animal health. In Luxembourg, this control is carried out by the Administration of Veterinary Services (ASV).

Special import conditions are issued by the EU according to the health risks that appear.

European companies handling this type of product are certified. To receive this certification, they are controlled by the competent authority. They may then send their goods throughout the EU without any other control.

Import conditions for frequently imported products are harmonized at the EU level. For non-harmonized products, national legislation is applicable. The agreement of the Member State of destination is required when non-harmonized goods passing through Luxembourg are delivered there.

For example: live snails are sent to Italy from Serbia via Luxembourg. It is necessary to check whether the Italian legislation allows this type of products.

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A health certificate from the country of origin is necessary to import animal products into the EU.

A health certificate is necessary to export animal products from Luxembourg, whether they are intended for human consumption or not.

Animal products from protected species moreover require a CITES permit to be transported.

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Related organizations

The Administration of Veterinary Services conducts health control and issues certificates for animal products.

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