Administration of Veterinary Services

The Administration of Veterinary Services (ASV) plays a health control role in Luxembourg and ensures compliance with laws and regulations.

The mission of the ASV is to monitor animal health and the well-being of animals throughout their lives.

At the same time, its mission is to monitor public health by fighting against diseases transmissible to humans. For that purpose, the ASV ensures the safety, hygiene and adequate labeling of food products of animal origin.

The ASV reports both to the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development for its mission related to animal health and protection, and to the Ministry of health for its mission related to control of food of animal origin.


In the context of international trade, the ASV ensures control of imports originating from third countries and transit of animals and animal products (whether intended for human consumption or not) originating from those same countries. These controls are carried out at the Border Inspection Post (BIP).

The ASV checks the identity of animals and ensures the traceability of their movements in order to prevent and control contagious diseases. During intra-Community movements and exports, the ASV verifies the conditions of the transport of animals and their fitness for travel.

It conducts hygienic and sanitary controls on food of animal origin or other animal products, but also controls on establishments registered and approved for processing food products (slaughter houses, cutting plants, etc.).

The ASV is in charge of issuing health certificates for animals and animal products.

The ASV is also responsible for issuing CITES permits for animals and animal products in the context of the international trade of protected species.

For logistics, the ASV is in charge of the following controls:

Following these controls, it completes the Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) in the TRACES system.


The ASV is responsible for issuing the following certificates and permits:

Online services

The ASV employs the TRACES system  used to track movements of live animals and animal products at the European level and establish CVED.


Some requests for certificates can be introduced to the ASV with, the State plateform to complete administrative procedures online.


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