Border Inspection Post (BIP)

Border Inspection Posts (BIP) are located on the outside borders of Member States of the European Union (EU). The only BIP in Luxembourg is located at the Cargo Center at Luxembourg airport, the only border entry point with third countries.


The BIP is responsible for inspection of animals and animal products originating from third countries.

All animals or animal products are controlled at the first point of entry in the EU to ensure the existing high level of food safety, public health and animal health in Luxembourg and the EU.

The BIP is in charge of organizing veterinary controls. It is certified by the EU for:

  • animal products intended for human consumption (all temperatures)
  • animal products not intended for human consumption transported at ambient temperature
  • all categories of live animals.

The controls are carried out on animals and animal products at import, in transit or transshipment.

On exportation when leaving by plane, animals will pass through BIP, which controls their well-being and their fitness for travel.

An official veterinarian is in charge of conducting the controls specified by European laws.

After performing the controls, the official veterinarian issues a Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) using the TRACES system that allows the free circulation of products within the EU and the transit of animals to their destination point in the EU.

For some products, European laws may require monitoring between the Border Inspection Point and the destination establishment of the goods.

This measure is called channeling. The products are transported in vehicles or watertight sealed containers and they remain under customs monitoring until the place of destination.

For example: for dangerous products for laboratories or non-conforming products.

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