Airport Cargo Center

Luxembourg is the 6th largest freight airport in Europe allowing global air-cargo connectivity.

The ultramodern freight center of the Luxembourg Airport has a capacity of 1.2 million metric tons per year.

Its principal assets are the following:

  • short transit times
  • fast customs declarations procedures
  • presence of the main logistics operators
  • a high level aircraft maintenance center
  • solid expertise in the transport of special goods, pharmaceutical and life sciences products.

The volume of its long-haul freight makes it a major hub for electronic products and high technology. Exported freight represents 54% of traffic and the remaining 46% are constituted by imported freight.


The airport presents the following characteristics:

  • a 4,000-meter long, 60-meter wide runway equipped with ILS IIIb category, operational in all weather conditions
  • Boeing 747-8F compatibility
  • no slot constraints
  • a specific cargo ramp that provides simultaneous loading/unloading of 12 high-capacity aircrafts
  • a free zone created in 2014 for unlimited-time storage, handling, management and exchange of valuable goods with suspension of VAT and customs duties
  • modern and efficient infrastructures guaranteeing an unbroken cold chain
  • a specific center for pharmaceutical and healthcare products (from -30 to +25 °C)
  • a veterinary station certified by the European Union
  • an area for oversize goods
  • an area for dangerous goods
  • a center for perishable goods.

Finally, the airport offers particularly attractive terminal and landing fees to encourage efficient and low-noise aircraft traffic.  

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