Pharmaceuticals & healthcare

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is quite unique and demanding when it comes to logistics. It requires expertise in complex logistics processes as well as a comprehensive understanding of its quality assurance, legislative framework, transport and handling requirements. After having investigated the logistics needs required to support the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, we are convinced that Luxembourg offers a unique combination of assets.

In this respect, Luxembourg Airport Cargo Center has been reinforced with the opening of LuxairCARGO’s dedicated Pharma & Healthcare Centre. In addition Luxembourg airport Cargo Center is fully Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliant and certified according to the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) and GDP guidelines of the European Union. In Luxembourg, the logistics service providers and their partners are committed to ensure the highest level of pharmaceutical and healthcare products' integrity throughout the entire supply chain.

Today, our objective for Luxembourg is to position itself as a prime logistics air freight hub in Europe for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry by offering fully compliant end-to-end temperature-controlled supply chain solutions.

Dedicated pharma & healthcare center at Luxembourg airport

The handling of pharmaceuticals requires particular attention. An increasing amount of regulation brings an increasing demand for handling of temperature-sensitive cargo.  The pharma & healthcare infrastructure of 3,000 m2 offers:

  • a "cold" zone of 818 m2 from 2° to 8° C 
  • a "ambient" zone of 1,600 m2 from 15° to 25° C
  • 70 temperature-controlled ULD (Unit Load Device) positions from 2° to 25°C 
  • permanent temperature monitoring 
  • fulfillment of all requirements of the WHO, IATA and the GDP guidelines for the proper distribution of medicinal products for human use.


At a glance

  • located in the heart of Europe’s pharmaceutical and healthcare market
  • new, dedicated Pharma & Healthcare Centre at Luxembourg's international airport
  • no waiting time on the airport tarmac
  • fully GDP compliant and TAPA-A certified Cargocentre
  • track & tracing solutions
  • no VAT pre-financing when importing goods through Luxembourg
  • an efficient distribution network throughout Europe.

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