High valuables

The emergence of new classes of financial assets, such as fine wines, artwork or other collectibles, calls for dedicated storage and conservation solutions around the world. Owing to its safe environment, political stability, presence of a leading international financial centre and a well-developed logistics industry, Luxembourg has prominent features to offer dedicated storage solutions for valuable goods within the European Union. In this context, Luxembourg is reinforced with the presence of the Luxembourg Freeport, a dedicated storage facility for valuable goods (e.g. artwork, collectibles) satisfying the highest security standards and equipped with the best available technology to guarantee perfect conservation and storage.

Luxembourg High Security Hub

The Luxembourg High Security Hub operates a free zone dedicated to the storage and management of valuable goods. While being stored, the goods will benefit from a suspension from VAT and customs duties. However, once the goods leave the free zone, all relevant taxes will have to be paid. The Luxembourg High Security Hub is located within the premises of Luxembourg’s airport.

At a glance

  • stable socio-political environment
  • Luxembourg is an AAA-rated country
  • a leading international financial centre
  • dedicated and secured storage facilities for valuable goods.

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