Perishables & live animals


Today's consumers expect all year round fresh products such as fruit, vegetables, seafood, meatflowers and plants.

Such perishable products require special care and strict temperature control within the entire supply chain in order to maintain their freshness until delivery.

Luxembourg logistics players offer dedicated storing infrastructures such as vacuum cooler, cool rooms but also adequate transportation means,  a high quality of services and an expertise gained over years of practice.

Live animals

Live animals transit regularly through Luxembourg, for example 2,120 horses have travelled by plane in 2015 as well as 73,821 day-old chicks, 1,589 dogs, 643 alpacas, 86 hamsters, 1 hyena and 2 donkeys.

The Airport Cargo Center is recognized worldwide for its capacity to handle these animals in the best conditions: 50 stalls in a contained and noise-protected area with temperature and lighting controls adjustable to suit various species.

Indeed, live animals require special air cargo handling to ensure a safe, heathly and comfortable travel.

At a glance

  • modern aircrafts allowing to set the right temperature on-board
  • ultramodern methods to monitor flows of goods at the Airport Cargo Center allowing service providers and clients to check at any time the status of goods
  • resident inspectors and veterinarians to perform all the required examinations
  • specialist staff trained to the most recent standards
  • TAPA-A certification and the access to storage warehouses limited to personnel with individual access cards ensuring the highest standards of security

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