Intelligent transportation system (ITS)

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) consist in the application of new technologies in the area of transport.

They are called "intelligent" because they are linked to capacities associated with human intelligence: memory, communication, information processing, sensory capacities and adaptive behavior. ITS are found in several fields of activity: optimization of the use of transport infrastructures, improvement of security and safety, development of services as well as sustainable development by favoring a shift from roadway to other environmentally-friendly modes of transport.

They have an important role to play in the area of freight transport and logistics due to the international character of transport of goods, the constant increase in transported volume and the major economic cost in the event of congestion (loss of time, perished products, loss of business, etc.). It is coupled with the major pressure to optimize investments made by the private and public sector, whether in the rolling equipment for transport infrastructures or logistics infrastructures or in the rolling stock.

Intelligent Transport Systems have been rapidly developed in the area of transport of goods, since the fleets of vehicles, trains or other devices are identified and may be easily equipped. In addition to navigation systems installed in vehicles, freight (containers, pallets, packages, etc.) can also be equipped with tracking systems to allow more effective management of traffic and logistics.

Whereas operators offer "track & trace" solutions by integrating RFID or other devices in their vehicles, the public authorities are in charge to develop ITS on the transport networks.

Intelligent Transport Systems allow:

  • integration of the transport and logistics chain (tracking of vehicles and goods) from client to logistical warehouses
  • consideration of multimodality and intermodality by providing interoperability
  • compliance with regulations requiring special monitoring (transport of hazardous materials, pharmaceutical products, etc.).

In Luxembourg, the following intelligent systems are operational on the different transport networks:

  • for the rail network: the ERTMS system is used on the Luxembourg rail network
  • for the waterway network: the MIB system/Moves is in place on the Moselle
  • for the roadway network: the CITA system is used on the Luxembourg highway network.

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