Luxembourg Maritime Administration

The Luxembourg Maritime Administration is the competent supervisory authority for accredited maritime companies operating from Luxembourg. It is part of the Ministry of the Economy.

The administration oversees the application of the provisions specified by law and is in charge of following changes in international maritime law, in particular in the European Union.

The missions of the Maritime Administration are the following:

  • to process applications for registration in the public maritime registry of ships flying the Luxembourg flag and deliver the necessary certificates
  • to control the honorability of applicants and their professional experience in company management
  • to oversee the application of the provisions of Luxembourg law, as well as that of applicable European directives and regulations and international conventions
  • to monitor changes in international laws in the matter
  • to examine all questions related to the registry of ships
  • to deliberate on appeals directed against the decisions of captains in disciplinary matters

The Maritime Administration may refuse to register or may remove ships belonging to individuals or legal persons that do not meet the conditions required by law or its regulations.

Note: the Maritime Administration manages the pleasure craft registry and is in charge of the relevant permits. It does so under the authority and in the name of the Minister.


In the context of international trade, the Maritime Administration is in charge of examining applications for accreditation of maritime businesses, registration of ships and Seaman's Books.


The Maritime Administration is responsible for the allocation of the following permits and documents:

Online services

Some applications for certificates may be submitted to the Maritime Administration via, the State platform to complete administrative procedures online.


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