Free sale Certificate


A free sale certificate is a document intended for a third country. It provides notice that a product is freely sold or consumed on the Luxembourg market. It also certifies that the operator is subject to official controls conducted in Luxembourg.

For food products, this certificate may serve prior to an exportation since it demonstrates that the product may be consumed and thus be imported, as long as the destination country recognizes this certificate.

This picture represents a free sale certificate for the export of food contact materials

Related products

A free sale certificate may be issued for foodstuffs, food contact materials and food supplements.

In other contexts, a free sale certificate may also be produced for other non-food types of products.

Related procedures

The following procedure described on the website is used to request a free sale certificate from the Food Safety Unit:

Related organizations

All companies operating in the food sector that export food, food supplements, or food contact materials may need a free sale certificate.

The free sale certificate for this type of products is issued by the Food Safety Unit of the National Health Directorate.

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