Food Safety Unit

The mission of the Food Safety Unit is to monitor food establishments and provide official control of foodstuffs and the food chain, as well as food contact materials

The Food Safety Unit is part of the National Health Directorate, that functions under the authority of the Ministry of Health. It also reports to the Ministry of Consumer Protection.


In the context of international trade, it provides routine food safety controls and reinforced controls on food of non-animal origin on importation from third countries.

The Food Safety Unit carries out its mission in close collaboration with the other administrations involved in the official control of food, in particular the Administration of Veterinary Services (ASV) and the Administration of Agricultural Technical Services (ASTA).

In addition, it is in charge of administrative procedures, such as the receipt of notice of activities from establishments in the food sector in view of their registration and the placing of food supplements on the market.


The Food Safety Unit is responsible for issuing the following certificates:

Online services

The Food Safety Unit employs the TRACES system  used to track movements of certain foodstuffs at the European level and establish CED.

Some requests for certificates can be introduced to the Food Safety Unit with, the State plateform to complete administrative procedures online.


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