Common Entry Document (CED)


The Common Entry Document (CED) is a form that must be completed by importers in the TRACES system to give prior notification of an import or transit in the European Union (EU) of certain food products.

The importer informs the authority in charge of controlling the products of their arrival by completing the first part of the CED 24 hours in advance.

The second part of the form is completed by the Food Safety Unit of the National Health Directorate that certifies that it has conducted the necessary controls before the release for free circulation of the products in the EU.

This picture represents a common entry document

Related products

The CED concerns certain food products of non-animal origin that can be either:

  • intended "as is" for human food
  • or used by an agro-food operator to intervene in the composition of products for human food.

Related organizations

All companies that wish to import products intended for human consumption in Luxembourg or the EU through Luxembourg, must complete a CED if the type of goods so requires and must provide the CED to the control authorities prior to the arrival of the goods.

The Food Safety Unit conducts the documentary and physical controls intended to ensure that the products are appropriate for human consumption, in collaboration with the Customs and Excise Administration.

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