Customs and Excise Administration

The Customs and Excise Administration (ADA) is under the authority of the Ministry of Finance. Its mandates encompass taxation and security.

With respect to taxation, it is responsible for the collection of:

At the security level, the missions of the Customs and Excise Administration are the following:

  • control of national and international road transport
  • control of restaurant establishments of the HORESCA sector and control of the food chain
  • environmental protection
  • control of right of establishment laws - fair competition
  • the fight against the illegal sale of pharmaceutical products and drugs
  • participation in the Vigilnat plan.


In the context of international trade, the Customs and Excise Administration receives customs declarations and documents concerning excise duties, provides for the control of their accuracy and monitors compliance with applicable customs regulations and excise regulations. It also carries out various customs controls.
The Customs and Excise Administration develops and provides operators with a high performance information system and a helpdesk.
It also ensures monitoring of different customs, excise and VAT suspensive procedures and arrangements.


The Customs and Excise Administration is responsible for issuing the following approvals and authorizations:

The Customs Administration processes applications for binding tariff information or binding origin information.

These missions are performed by the Customs and Excise Directorate and the customs offices.

Online services

The customs and excise online services provide different applications that allow companies to complete their customs procedures online.

The TARLUX application may be used to obtain all information necessary to import goods to Luxembourg according to their origin (amount of duties and taxes, commercial policy measures, documents and certificates to provide).  


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