Customs & excise online services

Customs declarations and excise documents and declarations are filed using several software applications, developed by the Customs and Excise Administration and provided to operators.

The different applications are grouped in an interactive platform called the eDouane system.

One can connect to the eDouane system in the following ways:

  • via online web access: the operator must have a Luxtrust certificate and must register in the eDouane system
  • or using system-to-system communication via electronic message exchange (EDI Electronic Data Interchange): the operator must apply to the Customs Administration for authorization to access the eDouane system and enable communication between their system and that of the Customs Administration. The use of communication between systems is recommended for operators that have significant volumes of declarations. The data exchanges are secured by LuxTrust certificate servers.

In addition, the TARLUX application provides all information necessary for importing goods to Luxembourg depending on their origin, in particular:

You must have the TARIC code for the goods or their name to perform a search in TARLUX.
For example: TARIC code 0803 90 10 00 or "fresh banana".

Customs services

The ICS eDouane and Import/export eDouane applications are used to file the following customs declarations:

System Type of declaration
ICS eDouane Entry Summary Declaration

Import/export eDouane

Declaration of release for free circulation (import or re-import)

Declaration of particulars relating to customs value (D.V.1)

Declaration for customs warehousing

Declaration of inward processing

Declaration of outward processing

Declaration of temporary admission

Declaration for end-use

Transit declaration

Export declaration and re-export declaration

Excise services

The EMCS eDouane application accessible via the Excise Internet Portal (Portail Internet Accises - PIA) and the Import/export eDouane application are used for filing the following excise documents and declarations:

System Type of declaration
EMCS eDouane Establishing and processing of the Electronic Administrative Document (eAD)
Import/export eDouane Declaration of release for consumption (AC4)

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