Skilled and multicultural

Cross-border thinking, mobility and the cosmopolitan nature of its workforce, of whom more than one third commutes each day from the three neighboring countries (Belgium, France and Germany), all contribute to the high productivity of Luxembourg.

In an effort to develop the skills and talents needed, dedicated education programmes in logistics have been set up. These programmes complete the multiple training courses offered by many professional organisations in Luxembourg and its surrounding regions.

Compared to other EU countries, an employee in Luxembourg with the same gross salary would cost less to its employer and get a higher salary, due to low personal income tax and social security charges. In addition, Luxembourg labour workforce is highly productive due to the competences and the hard working mentality of its people.

Workforce of Luxembourg by origin, 2017:

This picture illustrates the distribution of workforce in Luxembourg between residents and commuters

At a glance

  • more than 11 million inhabitants in the Greater Region
  • 55% residents workers and 45% commuters in Luxembourg
  • no work permit restrictions for EU residents
  • foreign residents from all over the world
  • easy work permit procedure for non-EU skilled people
  • tax regime for expatriates
  • lower taxation and social charges compared to other countries
  • highly skilled and multilingual workforce.


This picture represents an infography showing the caracteristics of the Luxembourg workforce

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