River port

The Mertert river port is the only trimodal platform (water/highway/rail) in Luxembourg.  

It has a surface area of 65 hectares and plays a major role in the import and export of heavy materials such as oil, agri-food products, ferrous and building materials.

It is located just before the Grevenmacher lock and after the Trier lock at kilometer point 208.48 of the Moselle international (category Vb river route).

Ships regularly service the ARA ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam) and other inland ports in central Europe.

In 2020, river traffic represented almost 700,000 metric tons (62% of which were imported products). This traffic is mainly oil and steel products as well as containers.

Technical characteristics:

  • a port zone with two docks, 800 meter long
  • 11 mobile cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 124 metric tons
  • a container transshipment zone
  • a connection to the rail network (25 km in the port) and highway network (5 km of routes in the port)
  • 150,000 m2 of outdoor storage area
  • 10,000 m2 of covered warehouse area (4 halls including 2 that are air conditioned)
  • oil dock, 360 meters long with a storage capacity of 62,000 m3
  • a waiting dock, 212 meters long at Mertert
  • related services: customs clearance, weighing pads for trucks and wagons, ship victualing, etc.

Improvements in progress or planned:

  • expansion of the rail network
  • enlargement of the oil depot
  • construction of an adjacent dock
  • implementation of a turning area for ships with a length 135 meters in the port ship yard
  • construction of a waste water treatment plant.

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