Chamber of Commerce

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, as a business chamber and public establishment, brings together companies from all economic sectors, except for crafts and agriculture that have their own business chamber.

In Luxembourg, affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce is mandatory for all natural persons, trading companies and branches of foreign companies established in Luxembourg conducting commercial, financial or industrial activities.

Note that companies in the financial sector fall under the authority of the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier).

The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce is to defend the interests of the Luxembourg companies that compose it.

It intervenes in legislative proceedings and provides its opinion on all subjects relating to its object or its missions.

It offers a range of services to companies and to the public, in particular for the creation, development and sustainability of companies or in their internationalization procedures and access to foreign markets 


In the context of international trade, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce is a first-order partner for anything related to the exportation, traceability or securing commercial exchanges.

It promotes economic and commercial relationships at the regional, European and international level.

Through its unique "guichet" - the House of Entrepreneurship – One-Stop Shop - the Chamber of Commerce is responsible for issuing ATA Carnets and certificates of origin for the exportation of goods.


The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce allocates the following documents:

Online services

DigiChambers is a system implemented by the network of Belgian Chambers of Commerce (to which the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce adheres) that is used to request a certificate of origin in electronic format.


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