ILNAS Market surveillance

The ILNAS is a public administration under the authority of the Minister of the Economy and is composed of six departments:

  • the Luxembourg Standardization Body
  • the Digital Trust Department
  • the Luxembourg Office of Accreditation and Supervision (OLAS)
  • the Department of Market Surveillance
  • the Luxembourg Office of Metrology
  • the Budget and Administration Department

The ILNAS was created to support the competitiveness of Luxembourg companies and strengthen consumer protections. For this purpose, it aims to offer the best possible service in the areas of:

  • standardization
  • accreditation of compliance evaluation agencies
  • accreditation, notification and supervision of service providers in electronic commerce
  • market surveillance
  • digital trust
  • execution of law in matters of legal, scientific and industrial metrology
  • appointment of notified bodies
  • verification of good laboratory practices
  • notification to the European Commission and other Member States of the European Union of any draft technical regulation or rule related to the services of the information company before such regulations or rules are adopted in national law.


In the context of international trade, the ILNAS works jointly with the Customs and Excise Administration for conformity inspection of products imported from third countries.


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