Product conformity inspection


The purpose of product conformity inspection by the ILNAS is to detect non-compliant products put on the national market in order to:

  • guarantee the proper functioning of the free circulation of products in the single market
  • prevent unfair competition between companies
  • make sure that only safe and compliant products are placed on the market
  • protect final users.

Related products

Market supervision is provided in 31 areas of activity for non-food finished products (both new and used), such as, for example:

  • toys
  • electrical, electronic and radio electrical products
  • machines
  • construction products
  • devices that use gas.

Information sheets by type of product are available on the Quality Portal.

Economic operators (manufacturers, representatives, importers and distributors) must make sure that products meet various legal requirements.

Note: "CE" marking of products is required by certain directives. Attached by the manufacturer or its representative, this marking shows the product's compliance with all European legislative requirements.

Execution steps

When these products are imported, the conformity inspection carried out by the ILNAS, in conjunction with the Customs and Excise Administration, allows to verify that:

  • the product does not have any characteristics that lead to believe that, when installed, maintained and used correctly, could present a danger to the health, safety, environment or any other public interest
  • the product is accompanied by printed or electronic documents specified by community laws for harmonization or that it possesses the marking specified by law
  •  the product does not bear a CE marking affixed in a false or misleading manner, when such marking is required.

In the case of non-compliance, the product cannot be imported and will be returned to the consignor or destroyed.

Related organizations

In Luxembourg, the control on import in the area of product safety and compliance is provided by the partnership of the Department of Market Supervision of the ILNAS and the Customs and Excise Administration.

For medical devices, the Pharmacy and Medication Department of the Health Directorate is the supervising authority.

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