Certificate of Inspection (COI) for organic products


The Certificate of Inspection for organic products (COI) ensures that organic products imported from third countries are compliant with applicable European laws.

The COI is a form that must be completed by importers and the control body of the exporter in the TRACES.NT system to import  foodstuffs resulting from organic agriculture.

The second part of the form is completed by the Administration of Agricultural Technical Services following its inspection.

This picture represents a certificate of inspection for import of organic products

Related products

Organic products are all products whose label or accompanying documents refer to the organic production method. The presence of the European logo is not required for products imported from third countries.

This diagram represents the organic logo of the EU and its explanations

Obligations and controls

Before the release of the imported organic products on the market, the Administration of Agricultural Technical Services (ASTA) has to verify the documents and the products during an inspection procedure.

Related organizations

The Administration  of Agricultural Technical Services  is responsible for the control and certification of operators (producers, processors, distributors, importers) and of organic products in Luxembourg. It is in charge of verifying the proper use of the organic label on products placed on the market, originating from Luxembourg, European Union or third country.

The ASTA is responsible for the accreditation of private organic product control and certification agencies operating in the national territory.

Companies that wish to import organic products need to submit their undertaking to the control system of organic farming (contract with an agreed organic control body) and notify their activity to ASTA [article 28 of Council Regulation N°834/2007]. 

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