Feed includes all plant or animal products that are intended for oral animal feeding to cover the nutritional needs of the animal and/or maintain the productivity of normally healthy animals.

Feed can:

  • be in a natural condition without processing, fresh or preserved
    For example: straw, hay, eggs, milk, meat
  • be derived after industrial processing
    For example: flour
  • take the form of inorganic substances
    For example: minerals and oligo-elements
  • be mixtures
  • and sometimes contain additives.

Obligations and controls

Luxembourg companies in the feed sector must be registered or certified, depending on their activities, and comply to regulatory requirements on hygiene, labeling and composition of feed.

Based on a risk analysis, a documentary, physical or analytical control of feed products is conducted by the Administration of Agricultural Technical Services (ASTA) when they are imported into the European Union (EU) via Luxembourg in order to prevent the spread of dangerous microorganisms and contamination by undesirable substances, and to monitor the proper labeling of products.

For straw and hay, import controls are carried out by the Administration of Veterinary Services (ASV) as well as for feed of animal origin.

According to European laws, intra-community movements, imports, and in certain cases exports of animals and animal products, must be recorded in the TRACES.NT system. Since most livestock feed does not contain animal products and does not require a Common Veterinary Entry Document, it is not necessary to notify these products in TRACES.NT.  

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The exportation of feed does not always require a health certificate. If the destination country requires it, operators may request an export health certificate from the ASTA.

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Related organizations

The Administration of Agricultural Technical Services is in charge of the control and issuance of health certificates for feed, except for straw, hay and feed containing animal products that are covered in addition by the Administration of Veterinary Services.


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