As a foreign ship-owner (not established in Luxembourg), am I authorized to register a ship in the Luxembourg shipping register and if yes under what conditions?

Yes, ships which are owned by more than 50% by residents of the European Union or by commercial companies which have their registered office in a Member State of the European Union, as well as ships chartered on a bareboat basis and ships operated by such persons or entities, may be registered in the Luxembourg shipping register, provided that all or a significant part of the management of the ship is carried out in Luxembourg.

Information on additional conditions (ship type, age etc.) is available at

Are Certificates of Competency (CoCs) and/or Certificates of Proficiency (CoPs) issued by a non EU Member State recognized in Luxembourg?

Yes, CoCs and/or CoPs issued by a non EU state may also be recognized in Luxembourg provided that:

  • permission for issuing an Endorsement Attesting the Recognition of a Certificate of Competency (CoC) and/or a Certificate of Proficiency (CoP) has been granted by the European Commission and
  • an agreement for the recognition of certificates has been signed with the third country. The list of the countries currently recognized by Luxembourg is available at
Our company, established in Luxembourg wants to purchase and to operate a yacht in order to produce income. The yacht will not be registered in Luxembourg. Do we still need an accreditation?

Yes, article 130 of the Act of 9 November 1990 to establish a Luxembourg maritime register states that “Any shipping company that establishes an office in Luxembourg must, before commencing its activities be accredited by the Minister.”, regardless of the vessel’s flag.

Can our company be both (at the same time) a maritime company and a maritime manager?

Yes, if the activities of the company are both the ones of a maritime company and of a maritime manager, it can cumulate the two accreditations. However, even though it is granted with both accreditations, a maritime company cannot serve as a maritime manager to itself.

Where can I get further information on the Luxembourg maritime register?

More detailed information as well as contact information of the Luxembourg Maritime Administration (Commissariat aux affaires maritimes) are available at

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