I am a carrier and I wish to transport goods in Luxembourg. Do I need to have a special authorization?

To operate a transport business in Luxembourg, the carrier usually needs to obtain a license or a certificate, depending on the type of transport involved.

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Some government agencies ask me to show proof of the contract for the transport of goods. What documents must I provide?

The transport contract between different parties is embodied in the transport document, that varies depending on the mode of transport used.

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I wish to distribute my goods throughout Europe, is Luxembourg an appropriate choice for a place to introduce my goods in European Union?

Luxembourg, located in the heart of Europe, has airline connectivity with all continents and is a major point of access to European consumers for businesses worldwide. Its road, rail, and river networks provide linkage to all the main ports and largest cities in Europe.

At the same time, with advantageous fiscal environment, business-friendly administrations and a highly skilled and multicultural workforce, Luxembourg is undeniably the place of choice for international trade.

I would like to transport goods through Luxembourg by road. What are the restrictions?

If you want to know what are the driving restrictions for the transport of goods in Luxembourg, you can consult the summary document of the Groupement Transports Luxembourg to learn about:

  • restrictions at certain dates or week-days (Sundays, public holidays)
  • restrictions on certain roads
  • exemptions and exceptions.

You can also consult the restrictions applicable in the neighbor countries:

May I drive through Luxembourg on Sundays?

Transport of goods by truck in Luxembourg is allowed on Sundays. However restrictions apply for vehicles heading for France and Germany. For details consult the driving restrictions for the transport of goods in Luxembourg or look at the rules.

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