Transport formalities

Road transport

In order to operate as a carrier of goods, an authorization of establishment is necessary. A manager who wishes to transport goods in all countries of the European Economic Area and Switzerland must also apply for a community license (after obtaining an authorization of establishment). The carriage of certain types of goods (waste, hydrocarbons, funds, radioactive materials, dangerous goods) requires additional procedures. The following are described on the website:

Rail transport

All rail companies providing transport on the Luxembourg rail network must hold a license delivered by the Ministry of Transports and obtain a safety certificate from the same ministry.

Air carriage

The air carriage of passengers, freight or mail for payment, requires a valid business license, delivered in Luxembourg by the Directorate of Civil Aviation, as well as a valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

An air carrier, agent, forwarder or any other entity who provides security controls in respect of cargo and mail has to have the status of regulated agent. This status is requested from the Directorate of Civil Aviation.

Inland waterway carriage

Navigation on the inland waterways of the Luxembourg requires a tonnage certificate indicating that the ship has the solidity and rigging necessary for navigation and a community certificate.

These certificates are delivered in Luxembourg by the Directorate of Inland Navigation and Logistics. The Directorate of Inland Navigation also recognizes inland navigation worthiness certificates of boats from third countries for navigation on the Moselle.

Boats used in Luxembourg and those more than half owned by European Union (EU) nationals or companies whose registered headquarters are in a Member State of the EU, provided that a significant portion of the boat's management is carried out from Luxembourg, may register in the river registry and navigate under the Luxembourg flag.

Boats transporting dangerous materials must also obtain a certificate of approval.

Maritime carriage

All maritime companies established in Luxembourg must be approved by the Minister responsible for maritime affairs prior to conducting business. Such company may then register a boat in Luxembourg and request a seaman's book for the members of their team. These applications are processed by the Luxembourg Maritime Administration.

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