Radiation Protection Department

The Radiation Protection Department is part of the Ministry of Health.  Its areas of competence are the protection against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, nuclear safety and the safety of radioactive waste management.


In the context of international trade, the Ministry of Health is the Grand Ducal authority for delivering authorizations for the transport of radioactive materials. Transport may be by road, air or another means.

The Radiation Protection Department applies a system of radiation protection and monitoring of national and cross-border movements of radioactive sources taking into consideration the type of transfer and the applicable regulatory provisions.

The Radiation Protection Department is the contact agency for all companies that wish to transport, handle or hold radioactive materials. It issues autorizations to transit radioactive materials and receives declarations of shipment of sealed radiactive sources.


The Radiation Protection Department is responsible for the following authorizations:

Online services

Some requests for certificates can be introduced to the Radiation Protection Division with MyGuichet.lu, the State plateform to complete administrative procedures online.


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